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"Super Expel - repellant"

Super Expel is an all natural powder repellent without any chemical additives.

It operates based on 2 principles:
  • Odor/ Scent
  • Direct Contakt

After application the repellent exudes an unbearable odor to all vertebrates. The scent appears menthol-like to Humans. After a few days the scent can no longer be detected by humans, yet it is still active for animals.

The animal passes through the thoroughly applied powder, which sticks to its fur and paws. During its fur cleaning the powder comes in contact with the mucous membranes and agitates the animal with each contact. The animal learns from this negative experience to avoid the location with this scent, leaves the location, and most importantly avoids it in the future.

Since the active ingredients are locked in the powder and are moisture activated, the material has a long life cycle and remains active for extended periods of time.

Application of Super Expel

The powder can be applied manually by dispersing it on larger open surfaces like attics. Yet we recommend an application with a powder disperser. For hollow spaces or in hard to reach areas it is absolutely necessary to use a powder disperser to ensure the penetration of all areas and proper distribution of the powder. Smaller areas can be covered by a Gaspot (?)

Possible applications of our pest control:

  • Manually by sprinkling

  • Gaspot / CO2 / Powderdisperser

  • For example Birchmeier D5R5 Powderdisperser in combination with a compressor


Treatment of surfaces:

1kg Super Expel for 30m²-60²/hollow spaces will differ

The quantity also depends on the application method

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